The Vancouver Olympics? Anybody?

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02/09/2010 11:31 AM |

Meet the mascots for the Vancouver Games. Theyre no Hidy and Howdy.

  • Meet the mascots for the Vancouver Games. They’re no Hidy and Howdy.

This past weekend’s Times Magazine was devoted to the upcoming Winter Olympics, to be held beginning this Friday in Vancouver (“The Toronto of Canada”). Every time I go to, I see articles from this weekend’s Magazine on the front page, and I have to remind myself that the Winter Olympics are about to start.

One of the featured guest columns is given over to Michael Ignatieff, the journalist and intellectual turned Liberal Party head, and the probable future Canadian Prime Minister. He has this to say about the Vancouver games:

[Canadians are] proud that we brought in the Games on time and on budget. The venues are ready. Apart from some nail-biting about whether there will be enough real snow for the low-altitude venues, there have been no last-minute panics. The Olympics let us tell the world: Ask us to do a job, and we get it done right.

“Canadians are anxious about the weather, and hopeful that you won’t overlook their effective yet modest contributions to your well-being.”

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  • I cried when Canada won the gold medal in hockey in Salt Lake. I will likely cry again over this Olympic fortnight. Consider me baited.