Thinking of Opening a Bar? English Pub Name Generator Has Some Suggestions

02/16/2010 9:45 AM |

There’s a subtle yet powerful artistry to coming up with a great pub name, and the difference between Danny & Eddie’s and The Rose, Shamrock & Thistle could be the difference between a daily after work spot and a ghost town. My Beer Pix’s English Pub Name Generator tries to harness that power with this simple structure: “The (random animal) & (random noun).” Sometimes it’s too madlib-y to work (“The Gecko & Children”, for instance) and other times it’s just perfect, as below. Try it out. (NOTCOT)

English Pub Name Generator

One Comment

  • I got “The Alligator and Bushtit”. And for one second there, I thought it said something else. 😛 Then I got “The Tortoise and Drunkard”, which conjured up all kinds of images!

    Don’t think I’d want to run a pub though. Dealing with drunks, negotiating with beer suppliers, making sure the staff don’t have a hand in the till, doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ll stay on my side of the bar thanks. 🙂