Times Square To Remain Slightly Less Awful

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02/11/2010 2:13 PM |


Those pastel beach chairs will continue to wobble on the asphalt of Times Square for the foreseeable future.

Last spring, you’ll recall, then-Mayor Bloomberg and his Department of Transportation announced plans to close Broadway to automotive traffic from 33rd to 35th and 42nd to 47th street, another of his administration’s experiments in reorienting New York around foot and bike transport.

Today, following a report noting decreased congestion and accident rates over the past year, it was announced that the changes will be made permanent, meaning you will still be able to safely move onto the street to maneuver around wide out-of-town families moving much more slowly down the sidewalks of midtown than you are, and you just want to get to the fucking subway and make it back to Brooklyn already, Christ.