Titus Andronicus Announce Tour Dates

02/11/2010 11:17 AM |


I’ve still got a few more weeks of close listening left to do before I have to make up my mind for real, but on March 9th, when Titus Andronicus release their new album, The Monitor, I’m pretty sure I’m going to wind up writing somewhere around a thousand words about how awesome it is, and about how I don’t understand why no one in indie rock likes to yell anymore.

This morning, the New Jersey (and fucking proud of it, dude) band announced a six-week tour—”Monitour,” obviously—that will take them across the country and back again. In a post on the band’s blog, frontman Patrick Stickles went looking for places to sleep and for some help booking shows for the handful of off-days in their schedule. It’s nice to see a band, especially one signed to a label as big-time as XL, understand the value of hitting the road and getting in front of as many people as possible. Also, of screaming.

We New Yorkers will get a chance to see them on 3/6 at Bowery Ballroom, with Parts and Labor. Then on 4/24, they’re at Maxwell’s, and that shit is gonna be bananas. The rest of the dates can be found here. [via Pitchfork]