Todd P Announces MtyMx Festival

02/02/2010 11:16 AM |


There’s been rumbling about this for quite a while now, but the details have finally started to surface: From Saturday, March 20 through Monday, March 22, Todd P will host the MtyMx Festival in Monterey, Mexico. The three-day affair, to be held on two stages at a drive-in movie theater on the side of a mountain, will feature as many as 25 bands each day. Festival passes are being sold for $30, and the list of confirmed bands include Dan Deacon, Neon Indian, Washed Out, Indian Jewelry, Thee Oh Sees, and a handful of others, with many, many more to be announced shortly.

The festival only overlaps with South By Southwest for one day, Saturday, so it won’t have nearly the impact on the annual music industry schmooze-fest as some thought it would. In fact, Todd says that his goal, rather than to thwart SXSW, was to give touring bands a much-needed place to go immediately following it.

Monterrey, Mexico is roughly the same distance as other “next stop on your tour” cities like Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, El Paso, etc.. The idea of the festival is to provide bands with another option during those 3-4 days after SXSW, where they risk playing under attended, money losing shows because a) it’s spring break, b) it’s a Sunday night in Oklahoma City and c) every other band in the world is also trying to play a show on a Sunday night in Oklahoma City!

For attendees, there will be onsite-camping, deals at 3-star hotels in the area, a visual art component and “a reduced cost, no-frills bus service from Austin to Monterrey and back,” which, frankly, sounds horrifying.
But nevertheless, be sure to check out Todd P’s site for more details, and you should probably start looking for your passport now, because you definitely do not know where it is.

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  • Todd P for Noble Peace Prize, or New Yorker of the Week. “The Bushwick Sagas go to Mexico”, can you make this happen?

  • The Bushwick Sagas go to Mexico hahaha… I am from Mexico living in NY, most of the young fellas in Mty will enjoy it and as always they will turn out to be a good audience. It is risky indeed. Festivals there in the past haven’t been that successful. This will be the coolest attempt (not sponsored by a huge corporation, if I am right).
    Dan Deacon won’t be as frustrated as in Spain because most of the kids are bilingual in the so called the richest, most modern city in Mexico.

  • ok so I got a word that Todd P is looking for interns/volunteers for this fest, all you need is a passport and a laptop, you get free transportation to and from Austin, place to stay and bunch of other perks. Check Todd’s website for info who to contact.