Tonight: Dirty Projectors, Fucked Up, Kurt Vile, Antlers, or Possibly Just the Olympics, It’s Totally Your Call

02/19/2010 11:21 AM |


Lots of things going on in the city tonight, folks. The beautiful snow has now officially turned into filthy slush and feet-soaking puddles, and while, yes, this is terrible, it’s also a sign that maybe, just maybe, spring will actually get here at some point relatively soon. So get out there tonight and act like it already has—fake it till you make it, as they say. Just be sure to buy your tickets early, because, forget everything I said, you don’t want to be left outside in that shit, do you?

Dirty Projectors Perform The Getty Address
Everyone already loves Bitte Orca, but tonight’s your chance to convince everyone you really like The Getty Address, the band’s 2005 concept album about a dude named Don Henley. (You don’t, but it’s ok… they’ll be playing new stuff. And yes, Solange or whatever.) The Allen Room at Lincoln Center, 8:30pm, SOLD OUT

Fucked Up and Kurt Vile at Europa
You forgot to buy Dirty Projectors tickets, I know. It’s ok. Violent but lovable Canadians Fucked Up bring their hardcore-punk to Brooklyn tonight, while Kurt Vile brings the fuzzed-out, druggy psych-rock. Good luck choosing the appropriate substance to abuse tonight. Europa, 7pm, $13

Editors, The Antlers at Terminal 5
$27.50 seems like an awful lot to pay for the Antlers, doesn’t it? And since you obviously have no interest in seeing Editors, this one might be hard to justify, especially in light of recent events. Terminal 5, 7pm, $27.50

If you need more ideas, how ’bout NYC Band You Need to Hear Xylos at the Studio at Webster Hall? Stylish 60s/70s pop from Elk City at Union Hall? Tweaky electro-punk from The Death Set at Lit? Bluesy West African music from Touareg musicians Tinariwen?