What I’m Doing Tonight: Mingling with the Attractive Youth of the Birdsong Collective

02/19/2010 1:33 PM |


  • Look out! Beatniks!

It’s Friday night everybody! Woot! I will be going to the Birdsong (issue #11) reading/party/arts collective happening at 3rd Ward’s satellite space tonight (573 Metropolitan Ave, at Lorimer). What is Birdsong? Well, it seems to me to be a group of young men and women who’ve refused to give up on the idea of art as transcendent and essential; also, they like to get drunk and dance around, also.

Hosted by poet Tommy Pico, tonight’s event will feature readings from Birdsong #11, music by folk duo PAPS (go here and listen to the song “Seen It All”—so good it makes me want to spit). The special token sad old person guest reader tonight (disclosure: I was once one of those) is poet and historian Jennifer Michael Hecht, who wrote a book called Doubt: A History. I heard Ms. Hecht interviewed on Speaking of Faith and she’s smart and funny and seems like the kind of person you’d want to be seated beside at an otherwise unpleasant dinner party (sad old people represent!).

C U 2-nite!

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