What Will Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s Off-Broadway Debut Look Like?

02/01/2010 2:05 PM |

On Thursday, New York Theatre Workshop announced that in August and September it will present the world premiere of a new musical by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker in collaboration with Avenue Q co-creator Robert Lopez. Without a title, tag-line or synopsis, though, nobody‘s quite sure what the play will be about. Is it the Mormon musical the trio was working on a few years ago? Is it something with puppets, or construction paper cut-outs? Obviously, Parker and Stone are no strangers to musical spectacle, but how will they adapt their irreverent aesthetic to the East Village, Off-Broadway scene? Here, from South Park‘s first season Christmas special, is what their Downtown musical—with additional lyrics and music by Philip Glass no less—might look like (the magic starts around 1:45):