Who Cares About Sundance?

02/02/2010 3:42 PM |

If you could get a taste of Sundance in the comfort of your own living room for only a few dollars, would you do it?

No, you wouldn’t.

YouTube made five films that played all the way in Utah at the Sundance Film Festival available to rent for $3.99 until this past Sunday. All five combined were watched 2,684 times, netting the Google subsidiary $10,709.16, according to the New York Times. Some of the films at Sundance may have been seen by a few hundred people, a YouTube spokesman said, and the YouTube test may have allowed them to—wait for it—double their audience. Well la dee da. When you break it down, the results are more depressing: while The Cove garnered over 1,000 views (wait, is that the movie that’s already on DVD?), the rest of the films averaged fewer than 400 views each, in a country of over 300 million people. (You, the renters, very nearly are one in a million!) Sad.