Why Do the Awful American People Love Listening to Other People “Talk About Jobs” So Goddam Much?

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02/22/2010 2:00 PM |


Today’s good news is the Obama administration’s planned tweaks to and improvements of the Senate healthcare reform bill, and road map for pushing the legislation through both houses of Congress (again).

Today’s bad news is the second stimulus plan, now being called a “jobs bill,” is about to run into a Senate roadblock. You’ll recall last year that Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus held up healthcare negotiations while trying to craft a bill with his Republican counterpart Chuck Grassley, who was not really negotiating in good faith and eventually dropped out; in a post-State of the Union show of “bipartisanship,” which the American people seem to want even though they hate all the other side’s ideas, Baucus and Grassley reteamed for a jobs bill that featured many GOP-beloved business tax breaks, only to see their bill killed, for being terrible, by Harry Reid.

Good, right? Well, not exactly.

The stripped-down jobs bill doesn’t really do much. Nor does it likely have the votes to circumnavigate a threatened filibuster. Naturally.

But we have to pass a jobs bill, because talking about jobs is how one scores political points, and this is an election year. “The American people want us to talk about jobs,” is a sentence that has already been repeated with such overwhelming frequency as to lose all meaning, like when you type the word “blog” over and over again, blog blog blog blog blog.

Except: really? Do the American people really want to have an extended goddam conversation about jobs? I myself am sick to fucking death of talking about jobs and hearing other people talk about jobs. All over this great nation of ours, married couples are boring each other to death and contempt at the dinner table, because they can’t stop talking about jobs, everything interesting about their lives has been edged out by pernicious and ubiquitous jobs, and that’s all there is to talk about any more.

Why does this focus-grouped talking point want to destroy all our marriages?

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