Why I Don’t Like Bing

02/05/2010 3:08 PM |


I find those TV commercials for Bing, which introduce the problem of “Search Overload,” effective, and each time I see one—like I did last night—I think, “maybe it’s time I switched search engines.” But I have a Google toolbar built into my browser, so I always forget.

Today I didn’t forget, and I put Bing up to the ultimate test: I Binged myself.

And it took 12 pages of results—about The Henry Stewart Company, a data asset management firm, the other H.S. with a Twitter account (which showed up twice)—before I found a reference to myself: a link from my old school to an article I’d written as a student. I googled myself immediately thereafter—which, ordinarily, I do as regularly as checking my blood sugar—and popped up on page two, with a link to my personal website, as well as movie reviews written for The L and Slant. That’s better.

So, I’m sticking with Google. If search efficiency means deleting me from the web, I want no part of it.

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