You Should Take a Snow Day

02/10/2010 11:21 AM |

dog at the window

  • Ok, so this wasn’t taken today, but just imagine snow falling, and there you go.

It snowed a lot. This makes me happy. It also makes my dog happy, who I swear to god was sitting up at the window this morning like a red-cheeked Rockwell kid with a sled (she has a little husky in her and cavorts like a maniac). I think you should probably take a snow day, wherever you are. Honestly, it wasn’t that tricky getting to work, but the New York Times had this to say about how it might get: “In New York itself, the worst was expected later in the day, potentially creating a nightmarish commute home.”

So go, make snow angels, wrestle with your dog in a snowdrift, hit mean old Mr. Pena with a snowball (because he covered his sidewalk in salt, an inch thick, at noon yesterday).

Also, the UN closed up shop today (fragile much, One World Government?), so there’s that.

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  • images you could have posted but did not: dogs looking out windows, dogs playing in snow, dogs playing in snow with coats on, dogs playing in snow with coats and shoes on, dogs making snow angels, white dogs getting lost in snow, the UN building, etc.