Your Totally Corrupt Constitutional Democracy at Work

02/05/2010 12:01 PM |

Swine are everywhere

  • Shelby, second from left

This is a breathtakingly stark case study in just how broken the current legislative protocols in America are: Senator Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) has placed a blanket hold on all 70 of President Obama’s current nominations (before the Senate) until he gets his two ear-mark projects for Alabama… to the tune of $40.5 billion. Billion.

So, a lone senator is demanding $40 billion for his state from the rest of America because the ruling party only has a 59 percent majority in one of two houses. This makes it even harder for Obama to continue his unheralded work in shoring up this country’s long-neglected regulatory bodies—you know, the ones that actually look out for the interests of all Americans.

Hopefully this is the comically villainous act of hubris that wakes up the “regular folk” to Republican obstructionist tactics. (Though it will be interesting to see how Fox covers the story.)