Alternative Press to One Lucky Reader: “Congratulations, We Get to Exploit You!”

03/12/2010 2:15 PM |
One Lucky Reader Will Get This Guys Job!

  • One Lucky Reader Will Get This Guy’s Job!

Being an intern sucks: you work really hard, for free. But I get it: media companies are struggling to make the same kind of revenues on-line that they once made in print and they can’t afford to pay freelancers, let alone take a risk on young writers. It’s write for free, and build up your clip file, or don’t write at all. So, fine. But do we have to pretend such exploitation is a fucking prize?

Alternative Press is hosting a competition to become their on-site reporter at The Bamboozle! The winner, determined by the quality of a 250-word review they’ve written of a recent show, will receive two tickets and some food in exchange for constant updates delivered by smartphone. There’s no mention of compensation (except to note travel and lodging expenses will NOT be covered), which leads us to believe there won’t be any. Which makes this, essentially, a contest to become an unpaid intern, as though that position didn’t totally suck, but was an awesome award.

The Intern System, necessary or not, stinks. To pretend otherwise is offensive. Free concert tickets are neat; free labor ain’t.

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