American Idol Results: In Which America Comes to its Senses and Tells Paige Miles to Go Home

03/25/2010 10:25 AM |


Everything was pretty much as it should have been on last night’s American Idol results show: After one of the worst performances in the history of the series, Paige MIles was finally sent packing. To add insult to injury, the judges let her know that, while she could sing if she pleased, it wouldn’t mean anything—they’d already made up their mind that they wouldn’t use the judges’ save on her. They seemed almost offended by her massive failures over the past few weeks, and I think they feel a degree of bitterness toward her for sticking around longer than Lily Scott.

The evening’s only real surprise for me was the rest of the bottom three, which was rounded out by Katie Stevens and, not Andrew or Didi as I expected, but Tim Urban, whose knee-slide proved to be more than even his presumably young, presumably female fanbase could in good conscience support. This is a good thing.

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  • uuuuh…actually andrew wasn’t in the bottom three and katie was. if i’m reading this article correctly, i think you might be drinking a little too much during the show. which, given this season, i’d understand.

  • you’re right, obviously — thanks for the catch.