Apathetic Hipster Youth Rises Up, Vandalizes American Apparel in Williamsburg

03/08/2010 10:49 AM |

anarchy in williamsburg

FreeWilliamsburg reports a brief hipster revolution late Thursday night in Williamsburg when balaklava-clad youth overturned garbage cans and threw rocks at American Apparel, breaking windows (and the Village Voice seems to think there were smoke bombs involved). No one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the “action” but internet mumblings suggest student anarchist groups all riled up from that day’s nationwide day of “action for education” which… I don’t get it. I do get, however, having a beef with North 6th in general, which is pretty much Williamsburg’s Bourbon Street.

And I hope some of that anger and energy is left over for Starbucks and Duane Reade. (You think these kids have been reading this?)