Are Prius Owners Just Going to Start Randomly Crashing to Cash In?

03/10/2010 11:56 AM |

deadly prius

  • Not actually a Prius.

As we all know, Toyota has recalled millions of Priuses (Prises?) because they are all possessed with evil spirits that want to kill you. But on top of Monday’s crazy 90-mph adventure on a California highway, in which a suicidal Prius kidnapped its owner and almost killed him, today brings news of a Westchester housekeeper who crashed into a driveway retaining wall (oh Westchester) after the Prius she was driving ignored her pleas to slow down.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m that California guy, I’m probably pretty shaken up by being trapped inside a hurtling mass of malevolent steel, and I’m thinking of suing. And frankly, if I’m a Prius owner with gambling debts, I’m thinking pretty seriously right now of a controlled crash followed quickly by a lawsuit. (Also, if I’m an irresponsible teenager whose parents have a Prius, I’m thinking of taking it for the ultimate joy ride, and then just blaming the car.)

Of course, I am none of these people. But if I were, WHO COULD STOP ME.