Beyoncé Opens Cosmetology Center in Dumbo, Dumbo Cannot Contain Itself

03/05/2010 5:04 PM |

I proclaim it awesome that your dress has newsprint on it.

  • I proclaim it awesome that your dress appears to have newsprint on it.

Our beloved Dumbo neighborhood basically spent the entire afternoon peeing itself: we took our walks to Bridge Fresh or Jimi’s just a little bit slower than usual, we lingered outside doors, doing the thing where you pretend to be sending a super important text message—a move generally reserved for those situations when you want to appear busy, or not to have seen someone approaching you. Turns out, though, it’s also useful when you’re trying to look like you’re not just standing around like a complete nerd trying to get a glimpse of Beyoncé, who was in town to open up the Beyoncé Cosmetology Center inside the Phoenix House, a rehab center that offers vocational training to its residents. I just found out Bloomberg was there too, but he’s nowhere near pretty enough for us to have cared.