Bronx Youth Facing Year in Jail for Snowball Fight

03/10/2010 2:17 PM |

snowball fight

In an ongoing effort to criminalize youth, a Bronx DA has no intentions of backing away from charges that could put four young men in jail for a year—because of a snowball fight. In a standard-issue “he said/he said” case, an off-duty cop claims he was hit in the back of the head with snowballs and “menaced” to the extent where he felt it reasonable to draw his gun (not unlike this idiot); the young men—who range in age from 15 to 22—claim the cop was hit by accident, and even then, only in the leg.

Look, I know it can be nerve-wracking trying to figure out how best to walk through a snowball fight because A) You don’t want to get hit B) You don’t want to look like a total old-person dick and C) You don’t actually want to get in a fight with a bunch of teenagers, but drawing a gun is probably not the right call. Sure, being drawn into someone else’s “youthful pratfalls” is irritating as fuck, but c’mon, a gun? And a year in jail? Is that really a net gain for society, throwing a bunch of college-age kids into prison? No, it is not.

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  • I totally agree and talked about the same points in my blog (…) to categorize a snowball as a deadly weapon is such a stretch and is really creating a slippery slope for future instances. The definitions of a particular charge can often be molded to fit the circumstances of a case but this is an example in which the prosecutors have simply gone too far.