Buy Beeswax on DVD, Enter to Win P[r]i[z]e

03/26/2010 2:28 PM |


In a contest for “movie fans, brief nudity fans and dessert fans,” Cinema Guild is offering people who buy Andrew Bujalski‘s Beeswax on DVD the chance to be taken out for pie. Every copy of the disc will come with a snippet of 16mm film, and one lucky consumer will get a strip of celluloid featuring David Zellner’s ass, just as the actor is pulling up his pants. The holder of that golden-ticket will be taken out for pie by…somebody. “The cast & crew of this movie are spread out all over the U.S.,” the contest’s homepage states, “so ideally someone who worked on the film (director? stars? key grip?) will be sharing pie with you—but if we can’t get there ourselves, we’ll find someone who can, a friend, an associate, a friend of a friend, *someone*, because we’re committed to making this ridiculous contest happen!”

The verification process involves the winner taking a picture of themselves and the winning frames, which leaves it open to widespread fraud via Photoshopping. Of course, that would require people with time and expertise to want desperately to share pie with a friend of a friend of Bujalski.

The DVD goes on sale April 6.

As for Beeswax, it got honorable mention in The L‘s Best Films of 2009, which means that film section overseer Mark Asch liked it a lot, which regular film-section readers already knew. Well, not me! I prefer my mumblecore Swanberg, but that might just be because I think Greta Gerwig is, like, the best actress ever, a feeling shared by others in the office. Here’s a list of links to prove it.

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  • You know, Gerwig costarred with Bujalski in Hannah Takes the Stairs (making her an “associate,” or at least a “friend of a friend”). And she, unlikely many people involved in Beeswax’s Austin shoot, is based in NY.

    It’s such a shame you can’t eat pie (can you eat pie?), Henry.