Chelsea Chef Offers Dish Using His Wife’s Breast Milk

03/09/2010 11:02 AM |


It’s times like this when you realize you might live a much happier life if you never left your apartment, never turned on the internet and never bought a newspaper. Chef Daniel Angerer at Klee Brasserie in Chelsea made his way into the Post this morning, for offering diners at his restaurant a dish made with his wife’s breast milk. Response to the canapé of breast-milk cheese with figs and Hungarian pepper has been generally positive, according to the couple, but some crazies have been emailing the chef’s wife, Lori Mason, to ask for a taste of straight boob-milk, which she has declined. The best part of the story, though?

“I’m not here to walk people through heir psychological problems,” she said.

That said, Mason is now prodding her husband to make gelato.

Apparently this is legal, but a spokeswoman for the Department of Health aid, “The restaurant knows that cheese made from breast milk is not for public consumption,” even though, er, it would appear they do not know that?

One Comment

  • Love the double standard. People who want straight breast milk have “psychological problems”…. but if you eat it as cheese or gelato, that’s fine dining!