Company Creates Extra-Small Condoms for Tween Boys

03/04/2010 1:33 PM |

tween sex

  • Not such a “hotshot” now, are you?

Even as a permissive liberal elitist who wants all your kids to be lewd, gay and collectivist, I’m having a tricky time with this sentence: “Extra-small condoms for 12-year-old boys go on sale in Switzerland.” Also, it’s called the “Hotshot.” I am not making this up.

Government research in godless Switzerland revealed that 12-14 year-old boys we’re being really irresponsible with all the sex they were having; and according to a German study of sexually active males between the age of 13 and 20, 25 percent said condoms were too big (so that explains Prussian imperialism). Thus, the Hotshot was born… and the Swiss manufacturer really can’t wait to get its hands on the apparently bustling tween contraception market in Britain:

But the UK is certainly a very attractive market since there is a very high rate of underage conception. The UK would definitely be top priority if we marketed abroad.

Ok, that’s it, I’m out.