Conservatives Liken Selves to Lord of the Rings Heroes in Health Care Fight

03/22/2010 4:14 PM |

legolas is ugly

  • One level of health care to bind them…

Damn it. Despite all my advice to the contrary, I couldn’t resist heading to (home of the bitter, entitled, aggrieved American conservative) to sample a little of the white man’s rage at the passing of what is ultimately fairly moderate, centrist health care reform. And I was not disappointed. After the jump, in full, is one man’s incredibly nerdy call to arms. So, is this how full-on civil war begins in America? With the words of Viggo Mortensen?

Quoth the Freeper
(username “Lado”):
It’s getting scary in this country. REALLY scary. And I can’t help but feel that we are headed toward some kind of real conflict within the nation.

Face it folks, we are the ‘unfavored, rotten, racist’ people of this country now, at least in the eyes of the government and their dead-beat supporters. To them, all we’re good for is to feed the beast with our money. And if we refuse?

I can see it now, a group of outnumbered, like-minded, freedom loving Americans holed in at their Helm’s Deep, while being accosted by a ragtag army of gangbangers, illegals, and other assorted Obama worshippers [sic]. As well as whatever firepower the government can muster.

I know it’s dramatic, but I can definitely see it happening in some fashion.

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