Did Obama Fix That Vanderbilt-Murray State Game? Is His NCAA Bracket a Socialist Operative?

03/19/2010 11:51 AM |

obama basketball

Who the hell calls 13-seed Murray State over 4-seed Vanderbilt? Though there were bigger upsets in yesterday’s first round of the NCAA college basketball tournament, I’m pretty sure not a lot of people called this… EXCEPT THE PRESIDENT. How could he have known? Did he have inside information? Did he exert any undue influence? IS THIS WHAT CHICAGO/KENYAN/INDONESIAN/HARVARD/MOONBAT POLITICS LOOKS LIKE?1!! JUST SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE NOBAMA!1!!

Perhaps he was sending a message to as-yet undecided Tennessee Democrat John Tanner, a message that reads “SEE WHAT KIND OF POWER I HAVE, JOHN? IF YOU VOTE “NO” ON HEALTH CARE I WILL CAUSE OTHER AMATEUR SPORTS TEAMS FROM TENNESSEE TO LOSE. HEED ME, JOHN, OR FEEL MY WRATH.”

Or perhaps he just got lucky.

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  • Meanwhile, his inexplicable failure to secure victory for Georgetown is basically Scott Brown/Martha Coakley all over again.