Domino Sugar Renovation Opposed By Local Pol, Daily News Can’t Spell “Williamsburgh”

03/18/2010 2:07 PM |

Doming Sugar Refinery

  • People are also concerned about the gingerbread cladding.

I live just a couple blocks away from the old Domino Sugar refinery in Williamsburg, passing beneath its enormous shadow just about every day as I walk my dogs. It’s a pretty mellow walk, as we toodle down to the riverfront, dodging attractive youth in search of Death By Audio, enjoying the sunset over so much post-industrial wasteland… So it’s hard to imagine 6,000 people walking along with me every day, to and from the proposed “New Domino” tower development—and it would seem that city councilman Steve Levin agrees with me.

Citing the incredible burden an extra 6,000 residents would put on an already overwhelmed L train (can you imagine 1,300 more commuters at rush hour?) Levin recently said: “It’s just simply too big. Too big, too high, too many people.” And that doesn’t even take into account the recent approval of Rose Plaza, just down the street from Domino, an 800-unit, three-tower development. Gulp.

Look, I understand the world doesn’t revolve around my quiet dog walks (it should!), and I try not to take an automatic anti-development stance, but it’s hard not to be cynical when city infrastructure is deteriorating while multimillion dollar developments move ahead, making rich people just a little bit richer.

P.S. Dear Daily News, Williamsburg hasn’t had an “h” in it for nearly 75 years.