Download: The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio”

03/25/2010 11:33 AM |


A couple weeks since they debuted “Terrible Love” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, but still more than a month out from the 5/4 release of High Violet, The National have dropped the album’s first proper single, “Bloodbuzz Ohio.” It lacks the world-weary slow build of “Terrible Love,” but it’s still, I don’t know, perfectly fine—further proof that the National have grown as popular as they have simply by virtue of the fact that they have good, safe taste and never blatantly fuck up. They never induce much in the way of eye-rolling, and so you’re willing to give their records a bit more time, which then allows the subtleties to shine through: the sneaky good lyrics, the surprisingly impressive rhythm section. Never blatantly fucking up has also made them the band you’re most likely to hear (along with Spoon) at any bar or party you might go to, which certainly helps keep your general impression of them positive. So there you have it: Everyone likes The National because no one doesn’t like The National.