Erykah Badu is Very Pleased With Herself, Would Like You to Keep Dialoging

03/29/2010 3:49 PM |


With apologies to Ben, I have no idea how many times we’re supposed to be willing to watch videos where people try to prove some sort of point by taking off all their clothes and walking through a public space before we just go ahead and acknowledge it as an idea that has grown remarkably trite over the years. It’s a tricky situation, of course, because detractors will automatically be called haters or, you know, assassins. From Erykah Badu’s Twitter, presumably in response to some negative reactions to the “Window Seat” video that’s got everyone talking today:

so it is true.being honest CAN get u assassinated.your character,spirt,& sometimes physically.interesting. what drives this? keep dialoging.

I hate, hate, hate when people say things like, “keep dialoging,” which is just another way to say, “See, look how awesome I am! I made you think all these scary, complicated thoughts because I am an artist, and that is my job!” It is even more infuriating in situations like this one, where the only dialogue you want to have is, “I thought this was sort of stupid and juvenile when Alanis Morisette did it in, like, 1997 or whenever, and she at least had the good taste to refrain from literally spelling out that she was trying to eradicate groupthink.” Whatever. Really good song. though. (I mean “Window Seat,” not “Thank You.”) (Actually, “Thank You” is awesome too.)