Every Single New York Politician is Pretty Much Corrupt

03/26/2010 3:57 PM |

God, it’s hard to keep caring that virtually every single elected representative in this state (at all levels, in both parties) is basically corrupt. I almost didn’t post this because hey, what else is new, but then I figured we shouldn’t stop caring (that’s my new catchphrase for 2010: “I figure we shouldn’t stop caring.”)

So. State Democratic Senator Jeffrey Klein (Westchester) was instrumental in derailing Government Paterson’s proposed soda tax (even though he initially liked the idea), which would’ve been a great boon to our currently cash-strapped government. According to the Daily News: “Klein has accepted at least $36,000 in campaign contributions from drink companies and special interest groups tied to the beverage industry since the tax was proposed in December 2008, public records show.”

And there you have it, your corrupt New York politician of the day. Now, just let your outrage fuel a fun-filled Friday afternoon.