Here It Is, Your “Let’s Have a Civil War Because of Health Care” Blog Post

03/24/2010 12:21 PM |

civil war part deux

  • “It’s like looking in a mirror…”

With Obama’s historic signing of the health care bill yesterday, all of America was united in one long happy hug, thankful that this country is finally living up to its promise “to promote the general Welfare” of the people. Or, as yesterday’s Gallup poll would have it, a very slim majority of Americans are now happy the bill passed.

But you know who’s not happy? Tea Partiers. You know where Tea Partiers hang out? You know what’s being talked about at Civil war. Riffing on an article posted by conservative Denis Prager at, called “It’s a Civil War: What We Do Now” [sic?], the Freepers are out for blood. So, as a service to you, dear godless liberal elitist New York baby-killer, here then are the voices of America’s latest wannabe Timothy McVeighs Thomas Paines

The querulous, self-justifying logic:
“It’s only non violent because our side isn’t using violence. I don’t know what confiscation of liberty and property at the point of a gun is if not violence.”

The escalation:
“And herein is the problem. Could we have won wars by being “non-violent?”

The historical and geopolitical perspective:
“The War of Yankee Agression was certainly not civil. Not when the Yankees intent was to destroy the Confederacy, by any and all means. Murder, rape, the burning of Atlanta were not civil. My only concern is what will our enemies do if the War restarts. I don’t believe AQ, Iran, North Korea will sit idly by.”

And…. bingo:
“There WILL be a civil war; Obama and his minions have guaranteed it. I remember telling people, a year and a half ago, ‘there will be blood in the streets before this is over.’ Very dark times lie ahead.”

The paranoia (though I suppose Nancy Pelosi might fit this description):
“We are facing ruthless SOB’s who HATE us… radicals who want us dead.”

The thirst for martyrdom!
Here: “We all better get our minds clear as to what has to be done. Otherwise a lot of innocent Tea Party protesters are going to be gunned down this summer.”

And here: “There were massacres before the revolutionary war. It might be time that the government will water the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots.”

The toy joy:
“I advise everyone to do a more formal assessment of their ammo stocks. At least 1000 rounds per weapon, minimum.”

“It seems to me, if the military honors their oath to defend the Constitution, they’ll side with us and we can mop up the commies in no time.”

The hysterical sarcasm:
“Any body who thinks that you have to fear this government would put people in camps or trains is a kook. This country is the best in the world. The top of science and the arts. Like Germany in the 20’s and 30’s. Only a kook would think that they would use that control to kill people off.”

And finally, the good ol’ boys (this one came with a Confederate flag):
“Yawn, somebody give me a kick and wake me up when the states start forming regiments…”

Ok, I’m out.