How About that Oscars Dance Routine?

03/08/2010 10:25 AM |

mr fox

  • “And then we danced like animals.”

The interstitial “entertainment” portions of the Oscars are usually pretty embarrassing, and happen 99 percent of the time around performances of the Best Song nominees, most of which are treacly, formulaic ditties from animated features. But last night’s Best Score interpretative dance number (which sounds terrible, when you write it) was absolutely amazing. Not only were the scores themselves not without merit (I actually liked the steampunk gypsy vibe from Sherlock Holmes) the choreography—a mix of modern and “street”—was lively, innovative and really just a lot of fun, especially for The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Hurt Locker parts. (I’m tracking down embeddable video as we speak, but until then, you can watch it here—and if you didn’t see it, I suggest you do).

Oh, and the winner was Up, which sounded like the least interesting of the bunch, but what are you gonna do? Stay tuned for my longer Oscar recap…