Innovations in Vice: Off-Track Betting in Your Local Bar

03/31/2010 11:26 AM |

gambling addicts

  • My two favorite gambling addicts.

The Off-Track Betting Corporation filed for bankruptcy last year (because taking advantage of an addiction is not profitable how?), forcing them to close a bunch of those charming OTB parlors around the city. Now, in a last ditch attempt to provide a warm, safe space for red-eyed, hollow-cheeked gamblers, OTB Corp. is soliciting the city’s bars and offering to install electronic betting kiosks—right there in the bar! This means that gamblers won’t have to walk outside in the cold or rain or sunshine to get $2 Buds between races! Hooray for the multitasking of vices! (Seriously, hooray for that.)

As of this moment, the OTB says it has about 100 non-binding letters of intent from bars, who likely think that the gambling will increase the drinking. And they are right.