Is Easily Distracted Zebra Your Next Viral Photobomber?

03/01/2010 4:17 PM |

Easily Distracted Zebra

For the past three days, Tumblr blog Easily Distracted Zebra has been working hard at spear-heading a new viral image mashup wherein a funny moment of wildlife reporting, in which a zebra about to have its head sandwiched between a giant Nile crocodile’s jaws seems weirdly distracted, makes light of important events historical and current. By inserting said distracted zebra into other supposedly gripping situations (like the JFK assassination, Tom Cruise’s couch-jumping episode, or Indiana Jones’ run-in with a giant boulder), this meme pokes fun at distracted viewing practices in our hyper-mediated world.

We are the easily distracted zebra, looking absentmindedly at something else as a tsunami approaches (at right) or while a person dies right in front of us. This is maybe the smartest, creepiest meme since the Badger Dance. (TheDailyWhat)