It Is Sad When We Send Our Dogs to War

03/05/2010 2:21 PM |

This Wall Street Journal feature on Iraqi bomb-sniffing dogs with PTSD is obviously sad and upsetting (because putting innocents in harm’s way is generally so). But beyond the story of the shell-shocked Lab named Gunner, this line jumped out at me:

Zoom, another Lab, refused to associate with the Marines after seeing one serviceman shoot a feral Afghan dog.

Holy shit. Zoom, a canine conscientious objector. (Sure, he was bribed back into service with a few chews on a squeaky toy, but still, talk about species-wide loyalty.)

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  • Innocent dogs should never be killed especially in front of their species brethren. But honestly, are you suggesting the use of bomb-sniffing dogs should be discontinued? Wouldn’t many soldiers’ lives be put in greater danger without their canine helpers?

  • @yves
    No, not suggesting that (dogs with jobs are pretty much always happier). I was just adding one more anecdote to the infinite “war is crappy” list.

  • and, of course, another anecdote to the “dogs are way smarter and far more awesome than we can even conceive of” list, to boot.