Jeff Koons Curating Another Exhibition: Upcoming Ed Paschke Retrospective at Gagosian

03/02/2010 12:45 PM |

Ed Paschke

I just came from the press preview of Skin Fruit, the New Museum’s controversial, impressive and body issues=themed exhibition of works from the collection of Greek billionaire and museum trustee Dakis Joannou, where curator Jeff Koons was conspicuously absent, possibly because he’s already hard at work curating his next show. That would be an exhibition of works by the late Chicagoan Ed Paschke (1939-2004), for whom Koons worked as a studio assistant in the 70s, when Paschke started producing his most famous neon-hued, post-Pop paintings.

The exhibition will run at Gagosian’s Madison Avenue space (currently featuring a Damien Hirst show that Times critic Roberta Smith ripped apart beautifully) from March 18 to April 24, and features this Koons quotable as an introduction:

Ed Paschke taught me what it meant to be a professional artist. His paintings are like drugs, but in a good way: they are among the strongest physical images that I’ve ever seen. Their effect is neurological.

It’s the perfect Koons-curated one-two punch: satisfy your bodily needs at the New Museum, and then stimulate your brain at Gagosian.