Jesus Christ, NYU

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03/23/2010 11:53 AM |


Ever since it became safe for white people to live in cities again, NYU has been expanding its Greenwich Village base by building enormous buildings blocking out the sun over Washington Square Park, buying landmarks and turning them into dorms (like St. Ann’s Church), and pushing out tenants (like the Bottom Line). And today, NYU President, highly leveraged global educational entrepreneur and NYC Villain John Sexton commented from NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus on the University’s newly announced plans for a 40% expansion, including huge towers in the Village and Downtown Brooklyn, and the acquisition of basically all of Governor’s Island, as part of a 20-odd year plan for the school’s bicentennial in 2031.

Look, there’s really no reason you, as a 17-year-old, wouldn’t want to go to NYU right now; wherever you are on the spectrum from future business leader of America to wicked artsy, the city, especially its youthful epicenter in lower Manhattan, is your playground. This past decade, NYU under Sexton has been doing its best to meet, and to fuel, that need—applications have been going up along with tuition as flashy new faculty hires are rolled out—and is now, basically, too big to fail.

What’s funny, too, about them building all this new space for the student body, is that as I was there they designated all the desirable dorms freshman-only, and gave rising sophomores priority in the housing lottery, to drive upperclassmen off campus. (Sorry, my neighbors from that apartment my parents paid for in Alphabet City!)

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