Just One More Month, You Guys, Then We Can Go Back to Ignoring Hole

03/30/2010 2:30 PM |


Stereogum is very much on the Hole beat these days, and they’ve got another new track today: It’s called “Samantha,” and apparently Courtney’s been playing it since 2007, which is not something I thought any right-thinking person would ever have any reason to know, but whatever. It’s another Billy Corgan/Linda Perry co-write, and it’s actually almost enjoyable for a minute. It’s all power-pop acoustics and really strong melodies, and the “watch her wrap her legs around the world / can’t take the gutter from the girl” line is perfect, vintage C-Love. But then she starts in on the meat-headed alt-rock thing again, with this absolutely, hilariously terrible “People like you fuck people like me in order to avoid suffering” refrain. She even rocks that James Hetfield affectation where she insists on adding an extra syllable to the end of most words, which I guess is how people in the 90s communicated anger? If you need an example, skip to 1:56 and wait for it: “in order to avoid agony-ya!” How anyone can listen to this shit and do anything but laugh is far, far beyond me.