March Madness Office Brackets and the Glory of Peer Pressure

03/18/2010 3:01 PM |

college basketball

  • The author, working on his set shot.

March Madness has begun, and while randomly selecting one college you’ve never heard of to defeat another college you’ve never heard of is fun (Wofford? Robert Morris?), perhaps the best part of the NCAA Tournament is convincing your non-sporty colleagues to fill out a bracket and buy in (our fellow sports blog, The Awl, agrees). Because it’s important to remember that peer pressure is not something we leave behind in grade school or college or last week—it will always be with us. So I salute you fellow L Magazine employees who care nothing for college basketball and know less, and I will reiterate to you how gutsy your “Wisconsin to win” pick is, and that there’s nothing wrong with making choices based on how cute the mascots are (though really, badgers aren’t that cute in the real world).

Also, it sucks to gamble alone, so thanks. (And props to Old Dominion, my first upset call of the bracket.)

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  • Now would be the part where I, the L’s defending NCAA pool champion, reveal that I’ve just copied Obama’s bracket, like I did last year.

  • And NOW would be the part where I thank my president for calling Murray State over Vanderbilt.