Margaret Atwood to Sing in Hockey Musical, My Country Truly Bizarre

03/16/2010 3:31 PM |

Margaret Atwood sings hockey

  • This woman is not afraid to spear you.

Margaret Atwood—as true a third-line shit disturber as ever there was—is going to cameo in an upcoming Canadian movie musical about hockey. Yes, this is true, and not some weird Canadian Onion story. The musical is called Score: A Hockey Musical, and will star noted non-Canadian Olivia Newton-John (wrong colony, guys) as the mother of a young hockey phenom. The musical will also feature cameos by a bunch of Canadian celebrities you’ve never heard of (with the possible exception of Nelly Furtado). I find this all kind of embarrassing.

One Comment

  • At least it’s a Canadian author making a cameo in this hockey musical and not, say, Pamela Anderson. Although, who knows, she’s pretty into making cameos as a knowing parody of herself, so maybe I’ve spoken too soon. Presumably Leslie Nielsen will also make an appearance?

    Also, I went to the same high school as Nelly Furtado, and distinctly remember reading a tag of hers in the boys’ bathroom that read: “Score: A Hockey Musical.” Weird.