McSweeney’s Debuts 3-D Technology to Make Reading Better

03/11/2010 10:41 AM |

burn the books baby

Finally. McSweeney’s has announced a breakthrough innovation in your reading experience with their 3-D typographical program 3*TYPE. Readers will no longer have their imaginations limited to the banal expanse of two dimensions as words will literally LITERALLY explode off the page and into their heads. As chief publicist on the project, Ben Greenman, explains:

It may be hard to imagine how exciting this will be, just as it would have been difficult for a caveman to imagine an iPod or a microwave oven.

Greenman goes on to consider the ramifications for the very act of writing itself:

This will of course necessitate a slightly different approach, creatively, but we are determined to meet the challenge of this exciting technology. Writers will now be encouraged to fashion descriptions of scenes and subjects that maximize the third dimension.

Amazing stuff. What a world WORLD we live in.