Meet Your New Paris Review Editor…

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03/05/2010 3:54 PM |


The new editor of the Paris Review, replacing Philip Gourevitch, will be Lorin Stein, an editor at Farrar, Straus and Giroux, the toniest of New York’s major publishers. At FSG, Stein has worked with Lydia Davis, Denis Johnson, Richard Price, James Wood, Sam Lipsye, John Franzen, Jeff Eugenides, and translations of work by Vladimir Sorokin and the late Roberto Bolano’s 2666.

Stein, also a critic of some accomplishment, should fit in at the tony black-tie Review: he’s been active in New York’s highbrow scene, as a cursory glance through his Observer introduction/appreciation published in early 2009, also noting his efforts to draw lay and insider readers into a community through FSG readings and other happenings (he even submitted a question to one of his own authors when she did a live chat at

Coincidentally, or not, Farrar, Srauss and Giroux has publicized its upcoming catalog with an advertisement on the back cover of every issue of the Paris Review going back at least the last few years. In possibly related news, I have just “met” the barely legal leggings-and-thong-clad American Apparel model who will soon take over the L’s film editor position.