Megan Mullally Tries to Get Patton Oswalt Fired

03/26/2010 11:20 AM |

Just because hes shaped like Nathan Lane doesnt mean he IS Nathan Lane

  • Just because he’s shaped like Nathan Lane doesn’t mean he IS Nathan Lane

Previews of a revival of Terrence McNally’s Lips Together, Teeth Apart were scheduled to begin April 9, but the production has been postponed until at least the fall after co-star Megan Mullally quit two weeks into rehearsals. The former Will & Grace sidekick was reportedly dissatisfied with her inexperienced co-star, Patton Oswalt. “Ms. Mullally became concerned that Mr. Oswalt was having difficulty with his nuanced role, that of her unsophisticated, homophobic brother,” the Times reports. She “had gone so far as to suggest names of veteran Broadway actors who might replace Mr. Oswalt in the play.” But the director, Joe Mantello, refused, believing he could shape Oswalt’s performance satisfactorily before the play opened.

Mullally, it’s been suggested, may have been touchy after her last Broadway outing, Young Frankenstein, did not go over well with critics or audiences. (Also, her mother is ill.) I’ve liked Mullally ever since I read this, but Oswalt is the one who once convinced us that Anyone Can Cook, a sentiment that’s easily reconfigured as Anyone Can Star on Broadway. That Mullally failed to take Ratatouille‘s moral to heart suggests a failure of character more severe, and unsympathetic, than struggling through rehearsals. She sure comes off like Antonia Ego here.