Miniature War in Iraq… And Now Williamsburg

03/17/2010 2:38 PM |

Brian Conleys Miniature War in Iraq

For the installation and performance Miniature War In Iraq… and Now Afghanistan currently on view at The Boiler in North Williamsburg through Sunday, artist Brian Conley transformed a diorama of an Iraqi village that he’d made for a 2007 gaming conference in Las Vegas, and on March 6 staged an epic coalition-v.-insurgents battle between nerds from the East Coast Historical Gaming Miniatures Society in the Afghan town mock-up.

Aside from the players and audience, Pashto- and Dari-speaking researchers were on hand to explain the real-life events that were affecting the game-play, while Conley presented all the research that helped him develop the scenario. Though the dust has settled and the gamers are back in their parents’ basements, you can still see the aftermath of the firefight and battle footage (snippet after the jump), not to mention the extremely detailed military geek artistry of Conley’s model and fighters.