More (Insufficient) Bike Improvements Ahead for Williamsburg Bridge

03/17/2010 9:29 AM |

Williamsburg Bridge Bike Lane

Though I complained last week that new bike lanes planned for the Lower East Side weren’t doing enough to solve the problem of the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge approach, there’s now a plan about to go into effect on the bridge itself that also doesn’t go quite far enough. According to the Brooklyn Paper‘s Mean Streets column, the city will begin installing smoothed and separated bike and pedestrian paths on the Williamsburg Bridge, which are currently shared and, at rush hour, increasingly clogged, sometime this week. Currently there are signs explaining that the north side of the bridge is supposed to be for cyclists and the south side for pedestrians, but nobody really pays attention to those.

The plan also includes improved access to the bridge for cyclists leaving Manhattan, which could be good, except it sounds like they’re just planning to up more signs for cyclists: “There will also be new signage at the entrances to the cycle paths, to help riders find their way onto the Williamsburg Bridge from the bustling eight-lane entrance on the Manhattan side.” Mmkay, what about giving one of those eight lanes to cyclists? Which, in other and better bike news, is probably going to happen very soon on Flushing Avenue. (Curbed)