More Young Adults Seemingly Ok with the New York Times Reporting That They Still Live with Their Parents, the New York Times Reports

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03/22/2010 12:29 PM |


The Paper of Record reports on a growing trend currently exacerbated by the recession (and perhaps by our debt-leveraged student loan culture?): young adults who still live with their parents. For some faces to go along with the statistics, the reporter, Sam Roberts, talks to six 25-to-38-year-olds about their experience “creating that ‘nest egg,'” while “looking for [their] own place” and trying to find work et cetera.

The lede of this article in America’s largest newspaper is, basically, “Heather Candella, 26, still lives with her parents.” You know how sometimes in kids’ TV shows the protagonist commits some minor screw-up and is haunted by the prospect of outsized and very public humiliation, and fantasizes a montage of local newspapers and TV stations and then spinning covers of the Times and Newsweek blaring “Lisa Simpson Got a D” or something like that? You see what happens, My Generation? You see what happens when you lose all sense of privacy?

(Also, why has someone not Photoshopped a 20something dude in headphones into Grant Wood’s American Gothic between Mom and Dad yet? I just sort of assumed that would have happened by now, and that it’d be a good image to go along with this post.) UPDATE: Thank you, L Magazine art director Rachel Newell.