Mrs. Q’s School Lunch Project Blog is Educational

03/04/2010 9:39 AM |

School Lunch Project

Growing up in France, I didn’t really realize how good we had it. School lunch breaks were two hours long, every day we were served a three course meal (seriously), and no matter how gross the food might have seemed there was always an unlimited supply of baguette. Meanwhile, in America, way-too-dedicated public school teacher Mrs. Q is two months into an ambitious and unhealthy project: to eat school lunches every day for a year. Her blog, Fed Up: School Lunch Project, is full of gross details and interesting asides, plus pretty pictures of every day’s dish, like the cheese sandwich meal from Day 15, above. Somebody get Mrs. Q a cookbook deal. (TheDailyWhat)

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  • holy shit that looks gross (delicious, sure, from a self-loathing perspective)

  • Only 6 tater tots? When I was eating school lunches you’d slap a couple dozen of those on a tray and call it a meal.

    Pretzels and potato, though? That’s two starches, where’s the vegetable? (Oh, right, the ketchup.)

    At least the milk comes in a carton and not a plastic bladder like some even more heavily pressurized Capri Sun.