Muse Will Not be on the Eclipse Soundtrack

03/03/2010 10:41 AM |


Even with my admitted fondness for the Twilight series, and my obvious affinity for the rock and roll, I do not have even the slightest idea what this Muse band sounds like. Fortunately, it appears I won’t even have to feel bad about it anymore: Gigwise reports this morning that the band, which has been featured on the soundtracks to the first two movies in the series, will not be involved with the third installment, Eclipse, due out in June, despite already having written a song for it. Drummer Dominic Howard seems none too pleased about it, placing the blame squarely on, who else, the suits.

“It’s the people in the movie business, completely outside of the writers and the creative types, the non-creative types I suppose are the people who are quite hard to deal with in Hollywood, so it didn’t work out.”

Or maybe the world is just getting smarter, and everyone’s starting to realize Muse was completely out-classed by Grizzly Bear, Bon Iver, St. Vincent, Thom Yorke, Lykke Li, Death Cab, and the other indie-identified artists who appeared on the New Moon soundtrack.

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  • Whoever wrote this article….. is a twat, nice one for slagging off the best band in the world prick.

  • Hey Mike Conklin, you are an idiot. Just thought I would let you know…

  • Wow, this guy needs to expand his knowledge of music. Lykke Li better than Muse?? Bullshit. Her rendition of Knocked Up (by KOL) was horrid!! How long has she been in the music business? How many national tours has she had?? Oh wait, she is better than Muse cuz they’ve only been doing this for 10+ years and can afford national tours with superfluous stages. Good job on your research dude. I can write a better and more knowledgeable review than this anyday! What kind of yokels hired you as a writer??

  • Correction on my part: I meant to say INTERNATIONAL tours.

  • Lykke Li is much better than Muse (search Lykke Li @ APW for proof). Muse is a bombastic shit show without any good tunes or original ideas. One of the worst concerts I’ve ever seen was Muse @ Lolla few years back. But, you know, feel free to disagree, I won’t hold it against you…

  • lol@ crazy muse fans coming on here to defend them. haha. You go MIKE!

  • A fool might think this– but only a complete baffoon puts it in print. You shouldn’t say you have “an affinity for rock and roll” and yet you don’t have the foggiest idea who Muse is – if you want any sort of credibility. I hope you’re not being paid to write this drivel.

  • Drummer Dominic Howard pretty much summed it up. How in the world did these guys get cut from the soundtrack? They are insanely talented. What other present-day rock band is composing three-part symphonies and selling out stadiums? I’ve seen them live 5 times and it’s mind blowing. Matthew Bellamy is a rock god. This was a dumb@$$ decision. At first I was pissed that all these teeny-bopper twi-hards were claiming one of greatest bands in the world as their own, but when it comes down to it, I’m happy for their success. They deserve it.

    I am also quite fond of Lykke Li, Thom Yorke, and some of the other artists, but how can you even compare them? Completely different genres. It’s impossible.

  • How can you dismiss a band you don’t even know the sound of?

  • “I do not have even the slightest idea what this Muse band sounds like.”

    I dunno, Mike… Maybe you should actually pick up an album and give it a go?

    Wow… what an idiot. You get paid to write this stuff??

  • Jackass… you just admitted your own irrelevance at not knowing one of the greatest bands out right now. Educate yourself.

  • Nope, Muse are terrible.

  • Hey Mike and all other “I do not have even the slightest idea what this Muse band sounds like, obvious affinity for the rock and roll” types. There are just 2 songs that will set you free to Muse…The first is MK Ultra, go to the Muse website and listen to this track for free. Second is Citizen Erased (Live from Le Zenith), watch and rock to this song on Youtube.