New Museum Curator Richard Flood “Just found out about blogs three months ago.”

03/31/2010 2:44 PM |

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Lately I haven’t been blogging about all the noise over the frustrating, pandering, cautious, and now weirdly essential New Museum exhibition Skin Fruit because after William Powhida‘s epic Brooklyn Rail cover illustration exploring the tangled web of connections that orchestrated the show there didn’t seem to be anything new worth saying—Roberta Smith hated it, her husband Jerry Saltz did too, perennial cranky-pants Peter Schjeldahl came out weirdly in favor of it. That is until this past Sunday, the NuMu’s chief curator Richard Flood closed a lecture in Portland, Oregon, on—what else?—the value of connections and international networks in the art world, with the angry admission that he knows little to nothing about one of the foremost international communicative networks (hint: you’re there right now), the blogosphere.

According to Hyperallergic, Flood closed his talk titled “Creating Networks: The New Internationalism” at the Portland Art Museum with a get-off-my-lawn-like rant about blogs and the blogging bloggers who tweet them. It began with, “I just found out about blogs three months ago,” and then got so much better.

Especially this part:

Blogs are like being out on a prairie and one prairie dog pops up; none of the others can see it, but they can feel the movement in the earth. So another pops up. And another. They are not communicating with each other. They have no idea. History means nothing to them. Truth means nothing to them.

He reportedly went on to compare Saltz to Mussolini (seriously) and concluded his talk by waving a rolled-up newspaper threateningly at the audience full of bloggers. (ModernArtNotes)