New York Heightens Subway Security For No Apparent Reason Other Than To Make Us Feel Better

03/29/2010 2:49 PM |

bomb sniffing dog

Every time something scary happens anywhere in the world New York City security officials “ramp up security” here at home. This is kind of silly. Take this morning’s awful Moscow subway attack. It was terrible. It happened in a large city with a big subway system. It was terrorism. But it was also related to generations of localized violence in a part of the Caucasus that few New Yorkers have ever even heard of (yes, they are Muslim, but they are separatists; they’re more like these guys than Al Qaeda).

Does anyone rationally think there could be a correlative terror effect in NYC from Chechen separatists attacking the Moscow metro? I guess this SOP exercise in security PR always makes me worry about what we haven’t been doing up to this point. The idea that NYC officials only now have “activated a subway security plan,” after random attacks on the other side of the world, gives me the heebie jeebies. As in “Hey guys, are you telling me you haven’t been all that concerned about our subways until now? GUYS!? Are we expecting Chechen attacks in Union Square?”

Come to think of it, though, the next few weeks will probably be extra safe in terms of your subway commute, given all the new focus on, well, subway attacks… So, err, thanks, Chechen separatists, for the brief peace of mind on my morning commute. [And no, I’m not actually thanking terrorists for killing 37 innocent people, so calm down.]

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