New York State Government Now Just Moscow Politburo Circa 1935

03/29/2010 11:46 AM |

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  • “We can’t help it, it’s in our nature.”

Lying. Corruption. Violence. Hysteria. These are all virtues we’ve come to know, love and expect from our New York State government. Well, now we can add paranoia to the list. Reports this morning from the New York Post suggest that Governor Paterson thinks his Lt. Governor, David Ravitch, is a double agent, working on the inside to torpedo the Governor’s agenda, at the behest of Assembly Speaker (and fellow villain) Sheldon Silver. Quoth an inside source: “The governor’s people feel like they’ve created a Frankenstein monster, a double agent.”

But if that’s not enough to convince you of Paterson’s creeping paranoia, here’s what he said yesterday on a religious radio show: “Many people who were undeserving have gone through all kinds of torment in history. When I look at it against that backdrop, I feel a little better.” Also, God will be his only judge, yadda yadda.

Jesus. Your public servants at work.