Newt Gingrich Compares Health Care Reform to Civil Rights Legislation (Doesn’t Realize People Think Racism is Bad)

03/22/2010 1:01 PM |

newt gingrich

Ok, so I know I said we should all take a day off from engaging with conservative fear-peddling re: health care reform (and, you know, be happy about actual governance rather than D.C. political sport), but in reading this pleasant little victory-lap column by Paul “Krug-Dog” Krugman, I was stopped short yet again by the politicking cynicism of Newt Gingrich:

If Democrats pass health reform, “They will have destroyed their party much as Lyndon Johnson shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years” by passing civil rights legislation.

As Krugman says, this line of thinking reveals what is worst about our politics: When scorekeeping and gamesmanship supersede principle. Does Gingrich not understand what he’s saying here? Does he think Democrats regret doing the right thing by providing equality for all Americans under the eyes of the law? DOES HE THINK DEMOCRATS REGRET ENDING SEGREGATION? Dear Newt: please keep all the racist old Dixiecrats who “shattered” the party by leaving, we do not want them back.

Now, allow me to begin the following out-of-context meme: Newt Gingrich Compares Health Care Reform to Civil Rights! Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Repeat.

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  • You do know that Krugman’s Newt Gingrich quote is wrong, don’t you?

  • It doesn’t matter that Jonny Diamond is a contemptuous dolt perpetuating the lies of Krugman: what matters is that the NYT has affirmed this lie with millions of readers and that, through duplicity, people like Krugman and Diamond are able to further bolster the big lie that Democrats care MORE about the poor and minorities…

  • Wrong, Peter T B, and since corrected in The Post. But lets not let the facts get in the way of a good story. This is not an isolated tactic. No matter what you say and how many times it is disproved or refuted it will get some mileage and contribute in some small way to the group awareness. Its a refinement on the old ” throw enough mud and some of it will stick.” Dont stay up too late waiting for an apology or withdrawal from Mr Diamond,

  • @ PeterTB, IVVeritas, lightbeer
    The Post didn’t issue a “correction”